Welcome to The Orange Groves

The Orange Groves Podcast Network is a donation supported podcast network with the goal to host and support smaller creators and lift up marginalized voices, as well as foster a community where creators can help and learn from each other.

Our Programs - Our Voices

It is our goal to host the kind of programs that are underrepresented in media – voices who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise to be heard. Hosting programs by marginalized creators allows listeners to hear themselves represented in the shows they listen to. The Orange Groves has a focus on housing podcasts from new voices and creators that have stories to tell about who they are or how media affects and represents them.

How to Support The Orange Groves

The Oranges Groves Podcast Network is primarily supported by Patreon by monthly pledges. By supporting TOG on Patreon you get access to exclusive material including audio cut from episodes across the network, test pilots, and other bonus episodes and short run shows. Profits from limited run merchandise sold through the TOG store also go back into supporting these programs and creators. All funds go toward hosting, artwork, music, and supporting the hosts’ other costs. Future goals for the network include providing transcriptions for podcasts.

Recent Episodes:

#21: The Birth of NERV

This episode we are joined by special guest Jay (@extremesalsaing) to discuss tragic backstories and autumn leaves. Jo is on Twitter at @ghostofjo /// Chris is on Twitter at @TopherDisgrace Our artwork is by Rayne Klar /// @smallsmallwitch

#63: Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over

Reinventing the Mark to Ruffal Myself O-ver Check out the lyrics at Genius.com, please sponsor us. Tweet about the show using #FOBcast Jo: @ghostofjo Caitlin: @CGRRRRRRRR Listen to the FOBcast Pairing Playlist here! Join The Orange Groves Discord Server to talk with...

Unchained χ [chi] / Union χ [Cross] – Part 6

Venty Wenty.... who are you??? Support Got it Memorized on Patreon and receive early episodes, monthly bonus episodes, and more! Join our Discord server here! Twitter + E-mail: @memorizecast @TheTravisW @GhostofJo memorizecast@gmail.com Our theme music is a remix of...

S7E5 – 5: Home

ZzzzzHUH?! Is there a song? Are we supposed to be talking about something? Huh? HOME? This is a song, I suppose. Yes...a song....yes....zzzzzz. ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Google Maps, our next podcast. Sing the theme from Back to the Future. Try it. I have too many...

Episode 10 – Alive With The Glory Of Love

Everyone fucking rbeath for one god damn second If Not Us, Then Who? is a game made by Riley Hopkins and physical copies were kickstarted at Kickstarter here and will be available when produced at linksmithgames.com alongside Riley's other projects. Follow the cast...

Jess Ross – Writing for TTRPGs

Today, I’m talking to Jess Ross about her experience writing for RPGs. Jess has written several modules for D&D in places like the Uncaged Anthology, and in Pugmire (a variation of D&D 5th edition where everyone plays as dogs! She wrote for the supplement...

Episode #7

KAT has joined the team of Chris, Riley, and Andrew to talk shit on various monsters designed to fit within your pockets Champs in the Making started on The Orange Groves Podcast Network's Patreon as a show where TOG hosts check in whenever they can to argue about...

BONUS: We Are! (Fighting Dreamers)

Last year November we met a silly goal idea during our Extra Life stream the promise has finally been fulfilled in the form of this podcast episode that we recorded in December. Jo: @ghostofjo Caitlin: @cgrrrrrrrr Andrew: @ACShermanWrites Theo: @FairyPrinceTheo