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The Orange Groves is a donation supported podcast network with the goal to host and support smaller creators and lift up marginalized voices, as well as foster a community where creators can help and learn from each other. Listener donations go toward hosting costs, artwork, music, and promotion for the programs.


Our Programs

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Hosting programs by marginalized creators allows listeners to hear themselves represented in the shows they listen to. The Orange Groves has a focus on expanding and housing more and more podcasts from new voices and creators that have stories to tell about who they are or how media affects them.


HOW to donate

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Donations are collected through Patreon, a monthly content creator platform. By supporting TOG on Patreon you will get access to exclusive content including content that didn’t make final episodes and test pilots.

Marginalized voices

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It is our goal to host the kind of programs that are underrepresented in media. Those voices who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise to be heard. If you would like your podcast to be hosted by TOG or pitch a show to TOG, get in touch with us here.

Our Podcasts

294 Note Streak

Jo and Riley are going to rank every song that’s ever been in a Guitar Hero game, one bracket match up at a time!

Latest Episode:


Andrew tries his best to solve Alternate Reality Games. Marn tells him what he should have done instead.

Latest Episode:

Adult Swim ARG (Part 1/2)

In honor of the release of Part 4 of the Adult Swim ARG last week, we’re taking the next two episodes to look at the Adult Swim ARGs. Join Andrew and Marn as they dive deep into investigating the evils that lurk beyond Adult Swim’s interstitial ad breaks! Marn likes Music. Andrew remembers bands. Both decide to change the focus of the podcast moving forward.

Links to come! Andrew was unprofessional and forgot about them before while he was getting ready for a flight. He’s typing this from an airport now! Send him a tweet saying that you hope the flight went well!

Check out our updated Puhtrayin!


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Bed, Bath, and Bionicle

Riley wakes up Jo at 7AM every Monday morning with a fresh dose of Bionicle lore. Will Jo retain anything or even stay awake?

Latest Episode:

CWFP: Casual Wrestling Fan Podcast

Cam and Jory were big fans of wrestling during the Attitude Era and are now back watching the WWE 15 years later! Weekly recaps, thoughts, and goofs about PPV’s, Raw, and Smackdown!

Latest Episode:

#63: Pre-Money In The Bank 2019

Raw to Start, SDL at 57:05, Money in the Bank Predictions at 1:16:00

Money in the Bank draws near and the BIG DOG gets to make multiple weekly show appearances. The go home shows initiate discussion about the recent AEW news and the fear that everything we wanted will be undone on sunday. JORY’S BIRTHDAY!

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Got It Memorized?

A Kingdom Hearts recap podcast, trying to make sense of this mess before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

Latest Episode:

KH3 #14: San Fransokyo

Thinkin’ about wizards

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Our theme music is a remix of Dearly Beloved by Leg Day, courtesy of Game Chops!


An Kingdom Hearts inspired crossover actual play podcast playing Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined.

Latest Episode:

Authority #7: Hide In Your Shell

Don’t let the tears linger on inside now, ‘cos it’s sure time you gained control

Season 2’s music is by Walmaster from their Phantom EP.

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NERVous Wrecks

50% rewatch, 50% first watch, 100% trauma.

Jo revisits the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion while Chris watches for the first time, and they unpack everything they see.

Latest Episode:

RPG Design Friends

Critical talks with tabletop RPG designers and players about TTRPGs, their mechanics, and our interactions with them.

Latest Episode:

Sugar we're goin down podcasting

A podcast covering the expansive discography of Fall Out Boy one random track each week!

Latest Episode:

#27: Irresistible

You know I give my pod a f-f-five letter abbreviation

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Our music is by Matt (@NiceWizardMusic) and our art is by Carly (@cawhly)

Summer Twilight Book Club

A podcast where 2 dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the horniest 4 books of their teenage years.

Latest Episode:


Jo and Rayne are non-binary and once a month they sit down and talk about what that means. We’re here, we’re queer, let’s talk about it.

Latest Episode:

#5: Break In Case of Gender Emergency + Mailbag

Here is a list of LGBTQ focused hotlines and online services!

Welcome to April, in which we talk about packing for vacations, and travelling, finding out best self through transition, and answer listener questions!

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Our theme music is Big Trucks by I Believe in Julio.

We are! (Watching One Piece)

For Jo, this is a One Piece rewatch podcast. For Jory, this is a recap of their first time through. Together, they discuss the anime as frequently as they can!

Latest Episode: