It's All Been Done

A podcast covering each one of the Barenaked Ladies’ songs, chronologically. Only a tiny bit of ironic detachment.

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Maroon Wrap-up & Resequencing / BARENAKED IN AMERICA Review

Goodbye, Maroon! Thanks for the good times! We give a final send-off to our reddish pal with a last look at the album and a few better ways to listen to it. Afterwards, we review the concert/tour/??? documentary, Barenaked In America! Get yourself some IABD shirts!...

13: Hidden Sun (with SCOTT PASSARELLA of OFF BOOK)

Let it sink in! Both this induration (enduration? in duration?), AND the fact that Maroon is now OVER! Holy cow! It's the last track on the album--the all-new, totally different introduction of Kev to the vocalist family! Let's take a deep dive into the the saddest of...

11: Helicopters

Oh boy, a song about genocide! The perfect topic for a comedic Barenaked Ladies podcast! ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: - I'm the Scrooge McDuck of spam! - Fear-toot a symphony. - How drunk of an uncle are YOU? - BONUS SEGMENT: CONVENTIONEERS! Get yourself some IABD shirts!...

10: Off The Hook (with KEVIN BARTELT of MAYBE DON'T)

Yoooooooo this song is OFF THE HOOK! And so is our guest, Chevin himself, Kevin Bartelt (MAYBE DON'T, HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK). Join us as we discuss--what's this?! A song about cheating?! Stevie P! How could it be?! ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: - RIP Kevin's Grandpa! - Push it...

9: Baby Seat

Come! Sit. This is the baby room. You are in the BABY SEAT. Put this diaper on. Yes, and this bonnet. Good...good. You look perfect. The conditions have been met. The ready. ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: - The Device, codename B.A.B.Y.S.E.A.T. - David Pepper, the...

What people are saying…

“This show is delightful! They are just the right amount of fan for me. I like BNL well enough. I’ve seen them in concert once and I know all the lyrics to One Week and If I Had a Million Dollars but I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard. The goofs and bits are just wonderful. It’s a chill podcast, I’d give this one a “Guy wearing a speedo At a pool whose and it fits just a little too snug.”” 

– MandaPandaBear1992

“Even if you don’t care about the Barenaked Ladies or deconstructing their entire discography, the hosts are so funny and genuine in their interactions that it makes it a delightful listen. Give it a listen!”

– Riskiyomi

“If I had a million dollars, I’d still listen to this bizarre podcast.”

– Goblin J

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