It's All Been Done

A podcast covering each one of the Barenaked Ladies’ songs, chronologically. Only a tiny bit of ironic detachment.

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2: Maybe Katie

What's so maybe about this song? Not a goddamn thing, baybee! Here's something your angel and devil can both agree upon: you should listen to MAYBE KATIE, an early banger from Everything...

1: Celebrity (with TRACY of BARENAKED ABCS)

WELCOME TO E2E, BABY! Everything To Everyone POPS OFF with a piano-based banger about the horrors of being somebody rich and famous and smart. WOW, SOUNDS AWFUL! We're joined by a real...

What people are saying…

“This show is delightful! They are just the right amount of fan for me. I like BNL well enough. I’ve seen them in concert once and I know all the lyrics to One Week and If I Had a Million Dollars but I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard. The goofs and bits are just wonderful. It’s a chill podcast, I’d give this one a “Guy wearing a speedo At a pool whose and it fits just a little too snug.”” 

– MandaPandaBear1992

“Even if you don’t care about the Barenaked Ladies or deconstructing their entire discography, the hosts are so funny and genuine in their interactions that it makes it a delightful listen. Give it a listen!”

– Riskiyomi

“If I had a million dollars, I’d still listen to this bizarre podcast.”

– Goblin J

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