It's All Been Done

A podcast covering each one of the Barenaked Ladies’ songs, chronologically. Only a tiny bit of ironic detachment.

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S6E13 – 13: Take It Outside

Do you HATE taking offense? ENJOY THIS ONE, BUTTHOLE! It's TAKE IT OUTSIDE, the most inoffensive BNL song of all time! Saker finds nothing to latch onto and Evan resurrects an ancient...

S6E12 – 12: Second Best (with MIKE PHIRMAN)

Is this our best episode ever? YEAH, MAYBE SO! SUBVERSION, MOTHERFUCKER! How could SECOND BEST not be the best episode when we have a guest like MIKE PHIRMAN (Hard 'n' Phirm,...

S6E11 – 11: Unfinished

This is a description for the episode UNFINIS What do our boys smell like? Is the d20 world just, like, better? Is it a game? No, it's an entire revision of our society. BONUS SEGMENT: I...

S6E10 – 10: Aluminum

You caught a rare Evbo and Sakesake! They're shiny! Oh, wait, it's just some dumb ALUMINUM. Aluminium. Aluminimmum. Fuck this pronunciation and this song. Barenaked Ladies forever. CW:...

What people are saying…

“This show is delightful! They are just the right amount of fan for me. I like BNL well enough. I’ve seen them in concert once and I know all the lyrics to One Week and If I Had a Million Dollars but I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard. The goofs and bits are just wonderful. It’s a chill podcast, I’d give this one a “Guy wearing a speedo At a pool whose and it fits just a little too snug.”” 

– MandaPandaBear1992

“Even if you don’t care about the Barenaked Ladies or deconstructing their entire discography, the hosts are so funny and genuine in their interactions that it makes it a delightful listen. Give it a listen!”

– Riskiyomi

“If I had a million dollars, I’d still listen to this bizarre podcast.”

– Goblin J

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