ARGonauts Podcast

Andrew tries his best to solve Alternate Reality Games.
Marn tells him what he should have done instead.

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This Is My Milwaukee

Join Andrew and Marn as they decide to pack up and move to Milwaukee! For our first official episode, we tackled Syndyne's 2008 ARG This Is My Milwaukee. Andrew finds his Muse! Marn becomes the Starting Forward for the Milwaukee Milwaukee Tourism Commission Blackstar...

Teaser: Moby Dick

Hi everyone! We're releaseing this quick episode in which Andrew reads the entirety of Moby Dick as a quick test run of the podcast. We hope you subscribe and await our first episode about This Is My Milwaukee on next Thursday, February 14th! [audio...

What people are saying…

“Great in depth history of different ARGs. If you don’t care about ARGs or crazy puzzles, the weird fun stories told by them are still worth the listen. The hosts do great research and are very entertaining.”


“i have just discovered the fascinating history of ARGs, and suddenly this engaging and in-depth podcast exploring the inner workings of ARGs appears? is it just too coincidental to be true? or is it just an enjoyable deep dive? i’m cool either way.


“This was my first in depth exposure to the world of ARGs. Andrew and Marn have a great connection. Marn’s extensive knowledge of Augmented Reality Games is well complimented by Andrew’s informative questions and funny commentary create a compelling podcast. The best endorsement I can give to the ARGonauts Podcast is that after listening I can not wait to experience my ARG!


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