Bed, Bath, and B

Bed, Bath, and Bionicle used to be a podcast where Riley called their friend Jo at 7am to talk about bad lego toys. After Jo forcefully ended that show, an evil force named Biley has trapped both Riley and Jo in the Red Star to talk about other media that starts with B.

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Episode 2 – Your Favorite Bunch!

Hey all! With this episode we're launching a wonderful new FEEDBACK FORM! We want BBNB to run forever, and the only way to do that is with your help!

Episode 1 – The New Bunch

Here's a story, about a podcast. The hosts wanted to leave so they were fired. Bed, Bath, and The Brady Bunch is recorded by a actors on a sound stage, infront of a captive studio...

Episode 65 – The Bouncing Guests

We are joined by a guest. I guess. Bed, Bath, and The Bouncer is recorded by a captive studio, infront of a captive studio audience, hosted by Riley (@RevRyeBread) and at the expense of...

What people are saying…

“This podcast is ridiculous in the best ways. I hadn’t thought about Bionicles since I got banned from the official Bionicle forum as a 12 year old; Riley and Jo do an excellent job really digging into how totally absurd the lore is for this weirdly appropriative product for babies. Keep broadcasting outta the brain-city of a dead god, y’all.”

– Aaron McGuire

“In this podcast, Riley wakes up their friend Jo at 7 in the morning every monday to explain the lore of the bionicle franchise to them. It’s a hilarious romp through something that I myself had once been dedicated to as a child but had long forgotten.

My only complaint is the the outro music goes a little too long, so if I’m going through a backlog I may have to skip forward a bit. Otherwise incredible!”

– mikedaws0n


+ Cast & Credits

Show Cast:

Jo: @ghostofjo
Riley: @RevByeBread



Artwork: @sorbetdraws

Theme Music: @NiceWizardMusic