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Welcome to Game Mechanics, a show about Tabletop Roleplaying Games from lots of different perspectives. Each episode, host Logan Jenkins brings in an industry insider to talk about different aspects of Roleplaying games. Whether it’s system authors, module writers, content creators, personalities in the industry, or something else we haven’t thought of yet, you’ll hear folks talk about every aspect of this incredible hobby.

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Jess Ross – Writing for TTRPGs

Today, I’m talking to Jess Ross about her experience writing for RPGs. Jess has written several modules for D&D in places like the Uncaged Anthology, and in Pugmire (a variation of...

Riley Hopkins – Interstitial and the Link System

Today, I’m talking to Riley Hopkins about their game, Interstitial; a game about worlds colliding in the vein of Kingdom Hearts, Crisis on Infinite Earths, or Into The Spiderverse....

An Update And Hiatus

EWe're taking a Hiatus! Follow Riley and today's guests on Twitter: Riley: @RevRyeBread Hosted and supported by The Orange Groves podcast network. You can tweet about the show using...

RPGDF: A Timeline of Zak S’ Abuse

In this episode we talk about Zak S, the abuse and harrassment he's done in the past, and the statements by his two ex partners whose incredible courage began the current pushback of...

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