If Not Us, Then Who?

If Not Us, Then Who is a Power Rangers inspired actual play podcast running Riley Hopkins’ new TTRPG of the same name. Each podcast episode is an episode of a fictional sentai show and these four players walk through and describe each story beat of the episode using the game’s card system.

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Episode 6 – The Sound of Silence

have you ever been in a silent room? no, i don't mean quiet. I mean silent. Where there isn't any sound. Where you can't even hear your own...

Episode 4 – Halloween Hoopla

`Darkness falls across the land The midnite hour is close at hand Monsters crawl in search of rangers While Masquerading as a group of...

Episode 3 – Minutes To Midnight

It's been another week, and another fight where our rangers are put through their paces. They're clearly unprepared, they're clearly under armed, unqualified, they're not cut out for...

Episode 2 – Demo Tape

The Rangers are shown to a training area by Bobby. They have to figure out their powers, and how to work as a team. If Not Us, Then Who? is a game made by Riley Hopkins and physical...

Episode 1 – Like A Rolling Stone

If Not Us, Then Who? is a game made by Riley Hopkins and physical copies are currently being funded at Kickstarter here! Check out the rest of Riley's games at linksmithgames.com Follow...

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