Today, I’m talking to Riley Hopkins about their game, Interstitial; a game about worlds colliding in the vein of Kingdom Hearts, Crisis on Infinite Earths, or Into The Spiderverse. Interstitial is available right now at

Interstitial, like Kingdom Hearts, puts a focus on relationships at the heart of the game.
Which brings me to my favorite part of the game, the link system, in which players can make a link with any character in the game to flesh out how the characters feel about each other. The links are one of 4 types: Light if you view the person as a friend, mastery if you think there’s something you can learn from that person, heart if there’s something you can learn about yourself from observing the person, and dark if you view the person as a rival.

The links you make during the game can be spent to gain re-rolls, meaning in order to make success more likely for yourself, you’ll need to make it a priority to make relationships with as many people as you can. That’s why links are my favorite. They bridge the gap between role play and game. I go much more in-depth with this discussion in my talk with Riley.

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