Welcome, dear listener, to yet another podcast about The Marmoset Chronicles. We know, we know; what else could there possibly be to say about the 8-movie magnum opus of reclusive writer/director/wise man Laz Patillo. You’ve seen the movies, hear the soundtracks, seen it all referenced in sitcoms and torn apart on bad YouTube channels. What else is there to say?

Well, we have no idea, but maybe we can find out. Our mission is to talk about these movies through the lens of what they mean to us; what it was like to grow up with them not when the first movie wrestled Catch-22 for the box office top spot one fateful weekend in June 1970, but instead in the early 2000s, finding an old Diagnosis Aqquamarine-branded lunchbox in a pawn shop, or hearing a bunch of aging nerds at a local convention debating over whether Patillo fled to Spain or Zimbabwe. What does it mean to know these movies, which EVERYONE knows, 50 years after The Phantom and the Wren first made it’s debut?

Let’s find out.

You can find Jay on Twitter at @extremesalsaing and Kirsten at @kirstenmwrites.

Our album art, a faithful play on the original poster for The Phantom and the Wren, was drawn by Alyssa Krasnansky, who can be found on Twitter @imajoyk.