Summer Twilight Book Club

A podcast where two dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the horniest four books of their teenage years.

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S2 Episode 10 – Werewolf Case Management

Kat and Sahana just want to give poor puppy dog Jacob a hug after reading Chapter 18 of New Moon. In This Episode: Lesbian vampire oral sex, gal pal sleepover, Bella Swan does it again, traveling for self care, being naked at a funeral. [audio...

S2 Episode 9 – Edward Cullen: Breakdancing Muppet

Turns out jumping off a cliff doesn't solve all your problems, as Sahana and Kat discover reading Chapters 16 and 17 of New Moon. In this episode: Vampire basketball, Cam Gigandet murders muppets, unreliable narrator Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer accidentally stumbles...

S2 Episode 8 – break up with your survival instincts, i'm bored

Bella engages in her least healthy coping mechanisms to date in Chapters 14 and 15 of New Moon. In this episode: Werewolf idioms, Werewolf Socialists of America, Jacob goes really fast (Sonic fast), Sahana won't stop hitting her table when she's speaking emphatically...

S2 Episode 7 – Bella Swan: Pet Detective

Sahana and Kat are reuinited just in time for Bella Swan to finally piece together the clues about our favorite puppy in Chapters 12 and 13 of New Moon. In this episode: Puppies in trees, accusing your friend of murder, werewolf hulk powers, and the biggest Holy Shit...

S2 Episode 6 – Bella Swan and the White Fragility

Maybe he's just not that into you Bella, or maybe he's a werewolf. This and more explored as Sahana and Kat read Chapters 10 and 11 of New Moon. In this episode: Elizabeth Swann wiki author revealed, Bella is a cop, werewolf PMDD, moms reading piss play [audio...

Bonus Episode: Where You Bleed, I Will Follow

Welcome to Summer Crossover Book Club, a special bonus episode of Summer Twilight Book Club. Listen to Sahana and Kat discuss the illustrious work of T1gerCat as they explore the Gilmore Girls/Twilight crossover fan fic entitled "Start of a wonderful friendship."...

What people are saying…

“It’s so fun to relive this series I read as a kid, and see it in a new perspective. The hosts have great chemistry, are hilarious, and actually give great insight into the readings. Thanks Sahana & Kat for bringing me joy.”

– Dat guy who reviews music

“This podacst is good as hell. It has energized me to /read twilight for the first time/ and I REGRET IT.

– Riley Hopkins

As a former yung-vampire-stanning teenager that can in no way deny my obsession with Twilight, this both met my need for nostalgia and a critical feminist lens.


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