Summer Twilight Book Club

A podcast where 2 dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the horniest 4 books of their teenage years.

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Episode 9 – See You Later Spider Monkey

Listen to us recount the harrowing experience of watching the first film in the Twilight franchise. In this episode: Sneezing for money, human blingy, first boners, William Joel. [audio...

Episode 8 – Hyatt Hustler

Listen to us finish the book in a special double episode.In this episode: Original groutfit, art house vampires, Sahana learns something, Stephenie Meyer misunderstands airports [audio...

Episode 7 – Human Football

Your best friends get kind of serious, but also request your best slash fiction.In this episode: Bella learns to manipulate, vampire powers extend to cars, Kat still can't pronounce things, sensible plans are made [audio...

Episode 6 – Vampires Love Baseball

These two petty bitches love gossip, who wants a Twilight Fantasy Draft, and don't forget to tweet @epsilina if you follow her impulsive ass because of this episode.In this episode: Dating advice from your dad's best friend, dating advice from your friend's dad,...

Episode 5 – A Little Bit of Light Stalking

Sahana is thanked for her emotional labor, Bella doesn't like boys, Bella does like fancy khaki skirtsIn this episode: Sexy pajamas, Victorian feinting spells, interior decorating, vampire history lessons [audio...

Episode 4 – Speaking of Dick Feelings

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains a lot of discussions about some pretty abusive relationship dynamics, including content about gaslighting, child grooming, manipulation, violence, and more. The bulk of this conversation is between the times stamps 13:55...

What people are saying…

“It’s so fun to relive this series I read as a kid, and see it in a new perspective. The hosts have great chemistry, are hilarious, and actually give great insight into the readings. Thanks Sahana & Kat for bringing me joy.”

– Dat guy who reviews music

“This podacst is good as hell. It has energized me to /read twilight for the first time/ and I REGRET IT.

– Riley Hopkins

As a former yung-vampire-stanning teenager that can in no way deny my obsession with Twilight, this both met my need for nostalgia and a critical feminist lens.


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