Summer Twilight Book Club

A podcast where two dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the horniest four books of their teenage years.

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S2 Episode 14: The Revenge of New Moon

Sahana and Kat disagree more than they ever have in an episode, all over the movie adaptation of New Moon. In this episode: Masterworks, contoured abs, a complete lack of heterosexuality

Bonus Episode: The Fangs and the Furious

To celebrate Kat and Stephenie Meyer's birthday (December 24th), we are releasing the Fast and the Furious x Twilight episode of Summer Crossover Book Club to the public feed! Featuring...

S2 Episode 10 – Werewolf Case Management

Kat and Sahana just want to give poor puppy dog Jacob a hug after reading Chapter 18 of New Moon. In This Episode: Lesbian vampire oral sex, gal pal sleepover, Bella Swan does it again,...

What people are saying…

“It’s so fun to relive this series I read as a kid, and see it in a new perspective. The hosts have great chemistry, are hilarious, and actually give great insight into the readings. Thanks Sahana & Kat for bringing me joy.”

– Dat guy who reviews music

“This podacst is good as hell. It has energized me to /read twilight for the first time/ and I REGRET IT.

– Riley Hopkins

As a former yung-vampire-stanning teenager that can in no way deny my obsession with Twilight, this both met my need for nostalgia and a critical feminist lens.


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Sahana & Kat – @STBCpodcast