Summer Twilight Book Club

A podcast where two dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the horniest four books of their teenage years.

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Bonus Episode: Where You Bleed, I Will Follow

Welcome to Summer Crossover Book Club, a special bonus episode of Summer Twilight Book Club. Listen to Sahana and Kat discuss the illustrious work of T1gerCat as they explore the Gilmore...

S2 Episode 5 – Sonic x Twilight Book Club

Sahana and Kat are finally moved by something Stephenie Meyer wrote as they discuss Chapter 9 of New Moon. In this episode: Mouth full of marble balls, auditory hallucinations or ESP?,...

S2 Episode 4 – Bella Swan’s Monster Garage

Sahana and Kat are delighted to find that Stephenie Meyer gifted them with more car crash fetish ammo than they ever could have hoped for in Chapters 7-8 of New Moon. In this episode:...

S2 Episode 3 – Edward Uncut

Kat and Sahana read Chapters 5 & 6 of New Moon and actually experience joy reading for the first time in weeks. In this episode: Return of the car crash fetish, anime tiddies,...

S2 Episode 2 – Summer Therapy Book Club

Content Warning: Abusive relationships, self harm, suicide Sahana and Kat get clinical all over your ass in this social work heavy episode. This episode covers Chapters 3-4 of New Moon....

S2 Episode 1 – Party Mode

Kat and Sahana jump into the sad girl world of New Moon by discussing the Preface thru Chapter 2. In this episode: Class tensions, really good birthday parties, vampire theology, staying...

What people are saying…

“It’s so fun to relive this series I read as a kid, and see it in a new perspective. The hosts have great chemistry, are hilarious, and actually give great insight into the readings. Thanks Sahana & Kat for bringing me joy.”

– Dat guy who reviews music

“This podacst is good as hell. It has energized me to /read twilight for the first time/ and I REGRET IT.

– Riley Hopkins

As a former yung-vampire-stanning teenager that can in no way deny my obsession with Twilight, this both met my need for nostalgia and a critical feminist lens.


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Sahana & Kat – @STBCpodcast