They/them/theirs - A monthly non-binary discussion

Jo and Rayne are non-binary and once a month they sit down and talk about what that means. We’re here, we’re queer, let’s talk about it.

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#3: Presentation, Experimenting with Fashion, and Queer-Made Clothing

Together this month, but not actually, we discuss existing outside of our usual safer spaces, Carlito the Raccoon, binding, presentation, choosing clothes, navigating dysphoria and experimentation, and queer owned clothing brands. Links for things we discuss/recommend...

#2: Dingos Crossed

This month we sit down to bounce between several topics, including gender comics, SonicFox, finding the right pronoun for you, the fear of "deciding" vs experimenting and fluidity, Jablinski, metaphors, cowboys, and Nintendo's naming conventions. You know, the usual....

#1: A Charcuterie of Gender

In our inaugural episode, we sit down and talk a little about our history with gender and being non-binary, what it's like explaining being non-binary and coming out, dysphoria, finding ourselves in media, our favorite vines, and cats. Our theme music is Big Trucks by...

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Jo: @ghostofjo
Rayne: @smallsmallwitch

Theme music: “Big Trucks” by I Believe in Julio