We Are! (Watching One Piece)

A One Piece rewatch podcast where veteran of the show, Jo, guides Jory through his first watch through of the long and still running shonen series! We try to make episodes monthly! We don’t always succeed but we’re still goin’ we promise!

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Episode 28: Kumadori YEETED

We Are! back this episode to talk about a shit ton of fights and ask existential questions about Chopper's psyche. We Are! on Twitter: @wearewatchingOP @noimjory @ghostofjo We Are! on...

Episode 27: It Gets Worse, The Nico Robin Story

We Are! crying over Robin's tragic childhood, using the Blank Century as a lens to critique world building and alt history in story telling, discussing the ethics of an individual's...

Episode 26: Enies Lobby and Second Gear

We Are! back this month to talk about the first chunk of Enies Lobby! Listen as we excitedly recount Luffy doing the robot, wrestling history, dog centaurs, government structure, and...

Episode 24: The Ballad of Cutty Flam

WE'RE BACK and things are only looking more rough for the rubber boy and his friends, but we learn what Robin is really doing and get...

What people are saying…

“I have on and off tried to get into one piece and I’ve had friends really try with me but this podcast was successful at keeping me into one piece more than anything else.”

Sean Loftus

“Always fun to finish an episode and hop right over here for discussion



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