We Are! (Watching One Piece)

A One Piece rewatch podcast where veteran of the show, Jo, guides Jory through his first watch through of the long and still running shonen series! We try to make episodes monthly! We don’t always succeed but we’re still goin’ we promise!

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Episode 16: Chopper Becomes a Man!

Luffy gets vored by a snake, so this week we focus on everyone else! Zoro gets into a fight he decides to win, Chopper proves himself as a...

Episode 15: To The City of Gold!

The Upper Yard was part of Jaya? The Going Merry is haunted? God is just a normal looking dude? All this and more, this week in Skypeia!

Episode 13: Through Heaven’s Gate!

Into the heavens of Skypeia! Lots of discussion and cops punching, which is a formula for a perfect episode. Let's beat up God!

Episode 12: Baroque Works Recap

A recap of the Baroque Works / Alabasta Saga! We breeze through a few arcs and lots of big fights to catch back up to Skypiea. We also meet...

Episode 11: East Blue Recap

Time to change the entire format of the show! Before that, we're recapping everything we've covered so far. This week: East Blue. After...

What people are saying…

“I have on and off tried to get into one piece and I’ve had friends really try with me but this podcast was successful at keeping me into one piece more than anything else.”

Sean Loftus

“Always fun to finish an episode and hop right over here for discussion



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Jo: @ghostofjo
Jory: @noimjory